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The full moon day of month of May is the most sacred day for Therawada Buddhists. This is the day on which Prince Siddhartha was born in India, later on attained enlightenment, taught Buddhist Dhamma (path to end suffering) for over forty years and passed away. Buddhists all over the world celebrate this day with religious activities.

Out Association also planned a day of religious observances on May 25, 2014. Incumbent Chief Buddhist Monk Bhante Thammanoon and the Lao Community, very generously allowed us to have the celebrations in their Buddhist Temple, namely, Dhammaram Lao Buddhist Temple at 12, Old Mill Road, Cambridge. In the absence of a Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk in our Community, Venerable Muditha Thero arranged for venerable Kadawedduwe Ghanaloka, Chief Incumbent Thero of Windsor Buddhist Vihara to conduct religious activities of the day.

Over 30 devotees observed atasil under the guidance of Venerable Gnanaloka. They listened to Buddhist sermons and spent time meditating. Offerings were made to the Triple Gem. Dana and Gilanpasa were arranged by the Association.

After atasil ended in the evening, some time was taken to conduct the Annual General meeting of the Association.

Once the AGM concluded, rest of the religious program resumed. Students of Waterloo Wellington Dhamma School and Guelph Dhamma School sang Bhakthi Gee (devotional songs). Students of Guelph Dhamma School staged a Jathaka Story.

A few wesak lanterns were on display.

Days proceedings ended after a roast paan dansala.

Board of Directors of the Association extends its gratitude to:

  • venerable Gnanaloka Thero for commuting all the way from Windsor to conduct religious activities
  • those who provided pooja items, dana and gilanpasa
  • those who donated cash and offered pirikara
  • those who spent the whole day looking after the needs of the Thero and those who observed sil
  • those few who decorated and arranged the place, served dana and gilanpasa, provided items for dana, and cleaned up the place. 
  • Bhante Thammanoon - incumbent chief Bhante and the Lao community for allowing the use of their temple

Pictures of the event can be seen by clicking on this text

meditation retreat March 2014

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A meditation retreat was held by WWBCA on Saturday March 29, 2014 at Cambridge Lao temple. The adults’ program was conducted in Sinhala by most Venerable Paddapitiye Wajiragnana maha thera, the chief and the abbot of the Vipassana Meditation Centre in Walasmulla, Sri Lanka and Chief Sangha Nayake of Southern Sri Lanka. Most Venerable Paddapitiye Wajiragnana maha thera gave valuable instructions for practicing meditation and conducted a dhamma sermon. The children’s program was conducted in English by Mrs. Pandithasekera. Participants were given an opportunity to practice walking and sitting meditation throughout the day. It was a very productive day in practicing dhamma in search of true happiness.

See image gallery for photos.

Alms-giving and Dhamma desana

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Alms-giving and Dhamma desana was held on Saturday October 19, 2013 at Cambridge Lao temple to pass merits to the recently passed away parents of Bhanthe Dhammanoon of Cambridge Lao temple. This was also an opportunity to pass merits to our passed away parents, as well as for living parents to wish them good health and long life. This event was conducted by Venerable Dodampahala Vipulasiri Swamin wahanse of Montreal Maha Wiharaya.

Blessing school children

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Blessing school children for new school year with pirith chanting and a Dhamma Desana was held on Saturday September 7, 2013 at Cambridge Lao temple. The event was conducted by the monks of Mississauga Buddhist temple.

Vesak Programme

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The Vesak Programme was held on Sunday May 12, 2013 at the Cambridge Laos Buddhist temple. The program included;

  • Bhakti gee presented by Kitchener Dhamma school children
  • Bhakti gee presented by adults
  • Dhammapada gatha presented by Dhamma school children
  • Dhamma school Prize giving
  • Dhammadesana and mal pahan Pujawa  by the chief incumbent of Toronto Mahavihara, most venerable Ahangama Rathanasiri swaminwahanse
  • Annual general meeting of the W.W. Buddhist Cultural Association Potluck dinner

Sath Budu Vandana

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