Vap (October) Dharma Desana

Posted by admin on October 22, 2011

October dharma deshana (sermon) was delivered by Ven. Ahangama Ratanasiri Mahathera of Toronto Maha Vihara. The sermon was well received by those attending including the children who had an opportunity to discuss dharma matters with the Mahathera. The dharma deshana was sponsored by the Wettasinghe family of Waterloo.

Blessings for Students

Posted by admin on September 5, 2011

The dharam deshana on the occasion of the new school year was delivered by a monk from the Asapuwa. This dharma deshana was sponsored by the Epparachchi family of Guelph.

Farewell to Bhikku Deba Mitra

Posted by admin on July 24, 2011

The monthly Buddha puja and sermon in July 2011 had a special significance due to the announcement that our advisor Rev. (Dr.) Mitra was leaving Kitchener and the Laos Temple to take up a one year teaching appointment at the University of Saskatchewan. The large gathering of devotees was testimony to Rev. Mitra's service to the Buddhist community in the region. Rev. Mitra spearheaded the dharma school and the meditation programs and was instrumental in promoting the idea of forming an association for all srilankans in the region. With the migration of more srilankan Buddhists that created a demand for religious services in the Waterloo region, Rev. Mitra was again instrumental in the activities that led to the formation of the Waterloo Wellington Buddhist Cultural Association.

Garage sale

Posted by admin on June 18, 2011

WWBCA organized a successful garage sale on June 18, 2011 at the Passaperuma residence in Kitchener. All the items available for this sale were donated by the Buddhists and their well-wishers in the region. More than $300 has been raised from this event organized by Padmini Passaperuma.

Poson Buddha Puja

Posted by admin on June 17, 2011

WWBCA held Poson celebrations with a Buddha Puja and Seth Pirith on June 17, 2011 at the Laos Temple in Kitchener under the guidance of Rev. (Dr.) D. Mitra. Rev. Mitra in his sermon described the significance of the Poson Poya day for the Sri Lankan Buddhists and also described the events leading to Buddhism arriving in North America in the 1800s.

Wesak Celebrations

Posted by admin on May 8, 2011

Wesak in 2011 was celebrated on May 8 at the Laos Temple in Kitchener with the participation of a large gathering of Buddhists belonging to various communities and also the Consul-General of Sri Lanka in attendance as a special guest.

The events started in the morning with ata-sil and meditation followed by the dana. Evening events commenced with Rev. Deva Mitra conducting the Buddha Puja and the blessings. Traditional Wesak lanterns made by devotees and children decorated the temple and its entrance. Singing of devotional songs by the dharma school children, a group of children from Guelph, and a group of adults brought a sense of being in Sri Lanka at this most important annual event for Buddhists.